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**Important** Please note effective immediately we only allow 50% of your purchases to be paid in Qoin up to a maximum of $50 worth of Qoin per table/group/booking per day. SOCIALISE The new team are hitting the ground running with a classic menu done well. From steaks and burgers to fresh, healthy salads plus a great range of vegan and dietary friendly meals. Boasting craft beers, favourite wines, low alcohol drinks and of course, some great local lager to enjoy. All while watching Brisbane play in your favourite postcode. SHARE WITH FRIENDS Gather the group to share a range of our small bites on a big plates, or you may prefer a classic charcuterie, cheese, or a range of vegetarian and vegan foods. If you are one for the classics, try our Swiss cheese fondue bringing back the original share with friends staple CELEBRATE WITH US Looking for an intimate local venue for your special occasion? Contact us to find out what we can offer you to create some good times and amazing memories for you and your closest friends and family. We will tailor any event to your needs with our motto, if we can do it for you, that's what we'll do! WHAT'S ON Stay up to with all the action and events happening at Wilston Village Bar. Remember to follow us on Facebook and Instagram @wilstonvillagebar Please make a booking via our website or contacting

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