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We make and sell great wines, and deliver direct to your door! To find out more about buying our wines with 50% Qoin, 50% cash simply click on the email link to the right and begin a life long relationship with us and our wines and we'll send you a simple email that guides you through the process. When you open a bottle of our wine, you open a story of passion—from the vineyard crew that oversees and cares for the vines, grapes and land, to the creative blending by the winemakers, to the cellar teams who dedicate themselves to caring for the wine as it matures, and to all of those who tend to the wine along the way: the production team that ensures each product is shipped at its best, the sales and marketing teams that help make your favorite bottle of our wine available direct to you and your local restaurants and to our customers who demand and appreciate the experiences we put in every bottle. It's all about the wine.

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