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287 Foggo Rd
McLaren Vale
SA 5171

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A range of boutique McLaren Vale wines. La Curio creates a range of fresh and textural whites, dry rose' styles and from medium weight to bold reds.The “La Curio "wines are sourced from high quality, low yielding vineyards some of which are approximately eighty years of age. The wines are traditionally hand plunged, basket pressed, aged in quality oak and are bottled with no filtration in order to retain quality. We have also employed some interesting techniques in order to create these wines which would not be feasible on a large commercial scale. These include extreme cold soaking ( - 4'c ) of the must, extended macerations of up to 6 weeks post fermentation, and yeast lees contact in oak for 6 months prior to racking. We have adopted the image of a pair of Harry Houdini's handcuffs in order to signify the escapism employed in creating these quality wines. La Curio has had an increased focus on Italian varietals of the past 10 years.

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