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Whole regions and townships blossom from wine industries. You cannot meet one person walking down main street who does not have a connection to wine. It is the most beautiful tapestry. We live in the Barossa. But are not from the Barossa. We love drinking wine. But we don't make the wine. We sell the wine, and boy do we love selling the wine! This weaves us into the thread count. We are Know Mad Wines, two couples who have lived and breathed hospitality, sales, and marketing in the wine industry. We are not here to disrupt the market, we are here to support. We want to see the mad wines we love hit the tables of our customers. We want to support the tapestry of our wine regions knowing when we sell a case of wine it supports everybody. We hope to bring you the exclusives, the small batch along with the quoffa's for the midweek let down. And all our knowledge and then some…

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