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Gourmet pizzas and mains in a rustic-chic trattoria with exposed-brick walls and a leafy courtyard. In Italy, the bar is at the center of social life, and not just a place to drink. Italians may visit their local bar several times throughout the day for coffee, in the early evening for an 'aperitivo', dinner itself, and for after dinner cockatils. Italian bars come in many shapes and sizes and they can be divided into two quite distinct categories: there are those that open in the morning and serve coffee, drinks, pastries and sandwiches called 'panini' ('un panino' is one sandwich, 'due panini' are two sandwiches), and close at about the same time as the shops; and then there are those which open in the early evening in time for the 'aperitivo', a typical ritual which gives everyone a chance to update on all matters of concern to the 'quartiere', that is, anything that may have transpired since they popped in for 'colazione' (breakfast) that morning. Often the aperitivo turns into dinner: sharing plates of Pizza or Antipasto and waltzing away till late at night to the sound of live bands, a Dj or even just the radio. An Italian Bar is all about a great atmosphere and good music, where the best food and drink are served all day non stop. The Franchi Brothers are bringing together under one roof the best of both kinds of Italian Bar Franchi Brothers Italian Bar 438 Oxford St. Paddington Sydney

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