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"Wine... because no great story started with some one eating a salad. Today Italian wine is considered among the best in the world. Few countries have the length of viticulture history that Italy possesses. The last 20 years have seen a real renaissance for Italian wine. Acquaint yourself with the country & it's vines. “Il buon vino non ha bisogno di frasca” - “Good wine needs no leafy branch”. Great things need no embellishment; they just speak for themselves. Growing up in Italy, we knew that no matter what the occasion, a meal was not a meal without wine from the local winery. We learned this was our culture passed on by generations before us. We understood that this culture reflected a deep respect for the land and the vines, and a high regard for long-standing traditions cultivated over centuries. We at Invinus believe in sharing this culture around the world, especially at the point where traditional practice aligns with contemporary ethics. We embrace small producers that embody old world values that in turn, underscore a passion for quality and sustainability. Wine is what we do, what we have always done, and what we continue to do. Let us share our culture with you.

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