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Cheers to Ballers Fremantle! Ballers offers a sophisticated Ivy League-experience on the classic Sports bar fare – building on signature cocktails, sexy spirits, and whiskeys with farmhouse-industrial interiors, which culminate in a world class dining sensation! Ballers Sports Bar Fremantle steps up to the plate with an eclectic mix of luxe touches, and life's simple pleasures – ideal for the after-work cocktail, a cold craft beer, a perfectly grilled steak, and night out with the family! Whether you're looking for somewhere to watch the game with the lads or hire our venue for a post-game dinner with the family, Ballers is the place for you! With one jumbo screen, and sixteen high-mounted televisions, you'll never miss a moment of the game with friends, family, and our Baller community. Get off the bleachers and join the team today

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